Re: Latest build

MariaRosa Chapman


I didn’t receive a notification through test flight since the changes were made, and the alpha build was introduced either.
Someone else in the alpha group checked test flight and let us know there was a new build. Otherwise we wouldn’t have known.

On 12 Apr 2018, at 4:01 pm, FlickType <> wrote:

Did anyone get notified of build 34 when it went out to the alpha group a few days ago? I am struggling to understand why the notifications would not go out, and at the same time we've had reports of some notifications going out when they shouldn't. I can only attribute this to TestFlight issues right now, but I'd love to know if at least some people got the notification for build 34. This is one more reason why it will be important to be part of this group and at least receive the new build post that I will be making every time a build goes out to the alpha group.


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