Build 55 problem with financial App

Chuck Dean

Build 55 problem with financial App
Hello, I went to pay a bill on my UBS bank App; when I needed to enter the amount, the FlickType keyboard was present and a one finger tap and hold would not switch to the iOS keyboard. I tried every gesture I know, but nothing would happen.
I had to exit the App, go to notes where I could bring up a text field, then I could switch to the iOS keyboard.
While I was flicking around on the FlickType keyboard trying to dismiss it, numbers were being entered into the text field, the number keypad must have been present under the FlickType custom keyboard. I really didn't want to send AT&T ten million dollars. :)
I had some other difficulties with the App when trying to enter my pin number and had to turn voice over off. I am not sure if this was FlickType related.


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