Re: Build 55


Hi Kosta, yet another quick update. I'm delighted to have the dictionary available and happy to say it works very well indeed.

There is an error in the announcement of the full stop again however. If I type a sentence and flick right at the end, a full stop is entered but it announces the last word of the sentence again. Its the same situation for adding a question mark for example, if I typed how are you then flicked right and then down 3 times, a question mark would be entered at the end but I would hear the word you announced three times during said flicks.

Also, the pitch change... I noticed George said it works well with the feedback set to nothing. I have noticed that this helps with the delay as you said, but I still get the higher pitch whilst typing. Ironically however, I get the normal pitch whilst deleting! I have use pitch change for deleting set to on in my settings, is it possible that somehow this is inverting the expected behaviour?

Regarding the memory warning, I'm happy to report that I've yet to experience this, and I'm running iOS 11.3.1 on my iPhone SE.


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