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Thanks for the additional info.

The copy and clear setting and my losing text has only happened a couple of times across different builds so I expect it was either operator error on my part or something related to iOS and not the FlickType build.

On the 2-finger swipe down for a new line sounds, it might be just a matter of perception as you suggest because I reinstalled builds 0.1-32, 0.1-31, and 0.1-30 and did note that I still heard a double tap sound when swiping down. I will say with those builds, when I spread my 2 fingers further apart before swiping, I did not hear the double tap sound but I still hear it in build 0.1-34 regardless of how I position my 2 fingers. At any rate, it's not a big deal.

Thanks again for your reply.


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On the copy & clear function losing your text, we have not heard of this before but I will take a look. Sounds very frustrating, sorry about that.

On the double tap sounds for a new line: I believe this to be a matter of perception, since with build 32 and 34 the tap sounds may be considerably louder than before on some devices. In all builds, 1 and 2 finger flicks will first trigger the tap sound since this is triggered on touch down before the system can know if your gesture is going to be a tap or a flick. This is done to reduce delay when needing to play the tap sounds. Note that the same thing should be true for the 2 finger flick up gesture to invoke the menu, but you may be performing that gesture slightly differently and the timing of the 2 touch down events might be too close to distinguish as 2 taps, although you should still hear one tap right before the menu pops up. If you can, please let us know whether previous builds did not have the issue or if it was just a matter of the tap sounds being quieter and therefore the issue was less noticeable.

- Kosta

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