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First, I'm running build 1.1.-54 on an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.3.1.

The issue I reported under version 53 with the first word spoken when
flicking right after entry sounding muddy or at a lower volume has been
resolved. I have to agree with Chuck that the custom keyboard seems sluggish
and less forgiving. The predictive engine seems more accurate and faster in
the original FlickType app or either my typing accuracy has declined with
the system wide keyboard. I'm not really paying any attention to the size of
the displayed characters but they are large enough that I can make them out
if need be. I just won't be using the visual aspects very often. My biggest
issue is that I'm still not getting all available punctuation when flicking
down after a period is entered. I get a comma but nothing else. And the
worse of it is that what I've typed also disappears after I get the nothing
punctuation. When I do a 2 or 3 finger swipe left, I hear beginning of
document. This punctuation snafu seems to be causing the lloss of what I've
previously typed. I've not heard of this from anyone else so maybe I'm an
unfortunate party of one.

Alan Lemly

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Build 54
Hello, the period is now announced. Thank you.
The custom keyboard seems sluggish to me and much less forgiving. I need to
be much more accurate with my taps, especially with letters on periphery;
for example, the w, p, l, and a. Perhaps this is my particular way of
typing, but I am slower on the custom keyboard than the app.

Even though I have some vision I find that I do not look at the words
appearing on the screen at all. My focus is on the key position, and since
the letters are announced there is no need for eye balling. Personally, I'd
rather be able to see the app I am typing in, so I look forward to the
option of a half screen keyboard.
Keep up the good work!


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