Re: Build 34 is out to alpha


Thank you, Andrew.

On the keyboard being low on an iPhone X: there seems to be an iOS bug where any view utilizing Direct Touch will consume touches when VoiceOver is on and interfere with the home and app switching gestures. We have not yet found a workaround, and haptic feedback as you say is not provided. The actual keyboard placement, however, should be roughly where the standard keyboard is, so hopefully it does not affect typing accuracy. You can confirm the placement by examining the position of the bottom row keys, eg z x c v, by doing a tap and hold gesture.

On swiping right adding characters instead of the end of a word: the current flick recognizer is far from perfect and this may sometimes happen in all directions, as well as when using 2 fingers for a new line, to switch layouts or to invoke the menu. Please do let us know though if this seems to be considerably worse than in previous builds.

- Kosta

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