Re: Build 53


Thank you all for the comments, it's pretty amazing to get such useful feedback and so quickly after pushing a build, smile.

It seems that the voice feedback issues are all over the place, from sounding like the phone has a cold, all the way to not sounding at all. This has been impossible to reproduce here, but you will shortly receive build 54 with a speculative fix. Please let me know if this addresses the issue.

Theres a lot more I want to cover, but it's midnight here so I need to rest. I would like to say, though, that the custom keyboard currently not being as good as the app is totally expected. In fact, getting to the point where the custom keyboard performs better than the app at least in some use cases is when we can consider releasing it to the wider beta group. I know it's still way off, and possibly still very broken for a lot of you, but hopefully that will change soon.

Please keep the comments coming!

- Kosta

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