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Chuck Dean

Hi Allen,
I am also using the app for typing as opposed to using the system wide keyboard, I find it easier.
For some reason my punctuation eventually showed up.

On May 1, 2018, at 10:41 PM, Alan Lemly <@walemly> wrote:

Hi Kosta and Ashley,

Like Chuck, I like the presentation of the top and bottom white bars with the black bar in the middle to show keyboard location. I'm not a fan of the large font presentation of what has been typed because I'm using audio to deal with that as opposed to vision. I'm much more concerned with responsiveness and typing with this version of the system wide keyboard seems much less responsive than with the original app. I realize I'm in a minority of one but I much prefer leaving the original app in my App Switcher and quickly typing with it and automatically copying what's typed when I switch to another app to paste it. With the latest build 1.1-53, input seems slower, the announcement of the word when flicking right seems delayed and is spoken with less volume and clarity. When swiping down to get other options, the voice sounds like it always has in the original app. After swiping down with three fingers to dismiss the keyboard and then later returning to it, I no longer get the typed word spoken when flicking right. I still receive optional word feedback when swiping down but nothing is spoken with that initial flick right. When I'm typing on the FlickType keyboard, I am getting the clear taps response in the middle of typing a word and it seems to occur more often when typing letters to the left of the keyboard. Clear taps is announced right after I tap the letter without any flicking. Like Chuck, I also don't get any other punctuation options when flicking down after a period is entered.

Alan Lemly

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This took longer than expected. Changes since the previous build:

- This is a major rewrite. Among other differences, the previous build would only change the underlying textfield when you exited the FlickType keyboard, not while you typed. FlickType will now immediately perform all edits in the current field, such as inserting, deleting or changing words. This paves the way for an optional half-screen mode in the near future.
- Reduced memory consumption to address crashing. Unfortunately iOS only allows very little active memory for keyboards compared to regular apps, and aggressively terminates any keyboard that crosses the threshold.
- You now also need to enable "Full Access" in the FlickType settings under the iOS settings app. This is for FlickType to be able to play any sound effects such as taps. The previous method of playing taps was using a private API and was likely to be rejected if submitted to the App Store. Currently, if you don't enable "Full Access" the keyboard will crash. This is a good opportunity to share our very short privacy policy:
- If you have some pending taps and flick left to delete, FlickType will now announce "Cleared taps" instead of deleting the previous word.
- You can now move the cursor and navigate the entire current document, not just the current sentence. This should make it more usable for writing longer pieces of text.
- Added a visual keyboard indicator for low-vision folks, in the form of 2 horizontal white bars representing the top and bottom rows.
- Introducing the FlickType "visual announcements", designed to better help low-vision and hearing-impaired folks use the product. All VoiceOver typing announcements for inserting, deleting and changing words will now also be displayed as high-contrast text using the largest possible font size that fits the entire screen above the keyboard area. This replaces the text view that was previously used for debugging.
- The gesture to dismiss the keyboard has been changed to a 3 finger flick down.

We are both really looking forward to hearing what you all think, smile!

Kosta & Ashley

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