Re: Build 53


Good morning guys.

Great effort on another build with multiple improvements. Here are my very early thoughts.

When typing, each word I type is announced with a pitch change, the pitch going up as I would expect it to do if I was deleting. The only time normal pitch is heard is when flicking right for a full stop then the last word of the sentence is as expected....

Unfortunately flicking right for a full stop doesn't announce full stop. It is inserted, as I noticed if I flick down then the comma, colon etc are announced and if I flick back up then full stop is heard, just not on the initial flick right.

The three fingers swipe... I really like the flick left and right to navigate sentences. This could become a very powerful tool, alongside the two fingers left and right to navigate words. And the 3 finger flick down works as expected to dismiss the keyboard. My only concern here is screen space if a half screen keyboard is implemented in future. As I'm currently using an SE, if I put 3 fingers on the screen vertically they take up very nearly half the screen. This should be ok for left and right gestures but leaves less margin for error for the 3 finger swipe down, and more so if someone uses landscape mode as default. (I use portrait) Sorry, I know I've used my flux capacitor here and identified a potential problem that doesn't exist yet or may never exist but just a thought that crossed my mind.

I like being able to change the keyboard sound as I've been using the marimba effect as standard for a while now.

Apologies I can’t comment on the visual changes.

I know it's early days, but I'm very excited at the potential of this extension and I'm looking forward to its journey through development!


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