Build 53

Chuck Dean

Build 53
Hi Kosta,
I disagree with others, the two white bars that indicate where the letters should be works very well for me. Also, someone said the words on the screen are too large, but not for me. Any word over six letters is too small for me to see. This is a problem when working with the visually impaired. So many different visual acuity makes trying to make a universal display almost impossible. But since I have been relying on my ears for the last 40 years, I doubt I would use the visual anyway. But it is pretty cool.
I am not getting any punctuation options after flicking right for a period. It keeps saying space, but nothing happens.
Will full access always be necessary for the keyboard to operate normally? This will be a deal breaker for some people. I remember when Fleksy cane out with the system wide keyboard many didn't trust it to allow full access. I understand iOS won't allow third party keyboards to enter sensitive information, but some will never trust it.
That's all for now, Chuck

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