Re: Introducing the FlickType custom keyboard

Chuck Dean

I notice the pass through gesture; the double tap and hold; is not used in FlickType. Perhaps it could be used to go to the iOS keyboard; as most visually impaired people are comfortable using it.

On May 1, 2018, at 2:57 PM, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

Hi Dave,
It might be worth looking into, although I have a friend who is visually impaired and has diminished motor skills, so these gestures may be difficult for her. When I showed her FlickType, the one thing she marveled at more than anything was that it really didn't matter where she hit the screen, it worked every time.
I understand there are many one handed typers out there so single finger gestures are prefered... Even by Kosta. He has expressed a desire to have all one finger gestures.
I think the one finger flick and hold may be another alternative.

On May 1, 2018, at 2:26 PM, David Nason <> wrote:

Personally I would like one finger gestures for as many functions as possible, particularly for the most commonly used ones, including going to a new line.
How would people feel about a one finger swipe on the left side of the screen having a different function to a swipe on the right side of the screen?

I too quickly noticed the issue when deleting a partially typed word.

We will definitely need the option to type words manually and add words to the dictionary back, but of course I understand that this is a very early version.
I would also like to be able to access emojis from within FlickType. Perhaps even just a a selection of favourite emojis once that top row of keys is returned to the keyboard. Thoughts?
I know you can switch to the emoji keyboard, but this process is a bit rubbish, which is Apple's fault, and I feel having them inside FlickType would be much easier.

The general experience of typing is very good though for a first version.

On 1 May 2018, at 20:39, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

Yeah, I come up with all kind of ideas to improve the keyboard; only to realize that it isn't such a good idea after all.
I guess that's why I'm not an app developer. :)

On May 1, 2018, at 12:33 PM, Paul Sutton <> wrote:

stupidly I forgot about accessing the suggestion list. Your right, the single swipe down does indeed need to be left as it is.
On 1 May 2018, at 20:24, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

As I think about your suggestion, I would rather have the one finger flick down to remain as the next suggestion gesture as I use this much more than any other function.

On May 1, 2018, at 12:04 PM, Paul Sutton <> wrote:

Hi everyone, I just thought I would come in with a suggestion. Maybe it would be more simple to have a single finger swipe down for dismissing the keyboard, a 2 finger swipe down to insert a new line and a 3 finger swipe down for switching the keyboard. Personally I would find that simpler.
Just my thoughts anyway.

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