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Just concurring with some earlier feedback--One of my most major issues with the first alpha build is that I also highly desire to see a standard size keyboard--AKA half screen. I find the whole screen keyboard very bothersome for reviewing information while typing in a field.


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Thank you for the feedback.

A gesture for entering new line will be added soon. Regarding the gesture to dismiss, and how it is different from the main app, my thinking is that we should experiment starting from a blank state and not be tied to how things are currently done in the main app. In fact, it’s very possible that some things will change in the main app to reflect our findings from the custom keyboard, because I agree that they should be unified. As some have already pointed out, flicking down with two fingers seems more appropriate since this is the direction where the keyboard moves towards when it is dismissed, but I am definitely open to hearing arguments on why the flick up might be more appropriate.

On having an option to make the keyboard half screen rather than full screen, it’s definitely something we’d like to offer as soon as the full screen experience becomes usable and reliable, because it simplifies a lot of things on the development side. I’ve also previously expressed my opinion that full screen would generally be a better experience, but if this proves to be such a popular request we might even make the default be half screen with the option of making it full screen. To determine that we will probably need to get feedback from the larger beta group, and the key might be to provide an easy gesture to change that on the fly, like a three finger flick up or down. Another related factor here is that I have some ideas on how to further help folks that have some vision, and this would require FlickType to be full screen.


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