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I agree with most of the points on here. Not to mention, it would be nice to be able to use the Flicktype keyboard without having to go back to the default keyboard.


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Hi Kosta and Ashley,

I've played around with the FlickType custom keyboard and will list my comments below. I'm aware that some of what I'll list are stated issues in your below announcement email but you wanted our comments and suggestions on what we feel most strongly about so I'm sure I'll repeat some of your items.

1. The main difficulty I have with the current iteration is not being able to manually type words such as names that aren't in the dictionary. As soon as I rest my finger in order to explore the needed keys to manually enter them, I'm returned to the previous keyboard because the tap and hold gesture is designed to do just that. My preference would be to have a return to previous keyboard gesture that would not interfere with FlickType keyboard exploration and manual letter entry. It would really be nice if this gesture could act as a toggle allowing return to the previous keyboard from FlickType and back again to the FlickType keyboard but I expect Apple would not allow that.

2. I'm struggling a bit understanding when to use the 2 finger swipe down to exit the FlickType keyboard. I guess it is in order to return to a regular iOS screen containing no keyboard but I'm not sure when I'd use this. I believe I've found that tapping and holding on the screen you move to following a 2 finger swipe down will return you to the FlickType keyboard but the hold time seems somewhat longer than required wen doing it from the FlickType keyboard to return to the previous keyboard and it also only seems to work for me when done toward the bottom third of my screen. Again, I'd prefer a gesture that would let you toggle back and forth between the two states rather than two different gestures.

3. The click sound effect I'm getting when typing on the FlickType custom keyboard seems a good bit lower in volume than it is in the standalone FlickType app.

4. I noticed that when in the keyboard settings to review or add additional keyboards, nothing happens when double tapping on the FlickType entry whereas other keyboards open some sort of settings screen. You've mentioned this below so I know you're aware of it.

5. As others have mentioned, I'd prefer a keyboard presentation not unlike how it's presented in the standalone app when accessing the FlickType custom keyboard as opposed to a solid black screen currently being used. I do have some vision so that affects my preference. I don't know how this would impact the presentation of the typed words but I won't be using my vision to read those words so I don't need them to be in such a large font as currently presented. Obviously, those with more vision will have a different take on this.

6. I like how the 2 finger swipe right and left cycles through the typed words but is there a way to cycle through character by character? I expect that character editing might not be FlickType's forte and is probably better done with the iOS standard keyboard but I thought I'd mention it.

Thanks so much for all your hard work in getting the original app and this alpha system wide keyboard out so quickly.

Alan Lemly

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We are super excited to share with you the first ever version of the FlickType custom keyboard, which can be used inside every app. We really can't wait to hear what you all think! Smile.

Please note: this is a very early version. We expect to go through many iterations and significant changes before even releasing this to the wider beta group. Things to keep in mind:

- As soon as you update to this build, you must first launch the FlickType app once before attempting to use it as a custom keyboard.

- To install as a custom keyboard, go to the iOS Settings, FlickType, Keyboard and turn it on.

- To use, go to any textfield such as a note or mail field and double tap to edit. Switch to FlickType from the "Next keyboard" icon towards the bottom left of the iOS keyboard.

- To dismiss FlickType, flick down with two fingers. This gesture may change.

- To control the cursor, flick left or right with two fingers. Currently the cursor moves one word or punctuation at a time. You can also edit the selected suggestion of previously typed words or punctuation marks.

- There is currently no way to explore the keyboard and type characters accurately. Instead, the usual tap and hold will switch you back to the iOS keyboard where you can perform that task and come back. This also means there is no custom dictionary management at the moment, and your existing words will not work yet.

- There are no settings to configure, neither is any functionality of the main app settings present, such as spelling or raise to read back.

- Fast typing with multiple fingers may result in missed taps.

- Tap sound effects are a bit delayed as they play on touch up rather than touch down.

- Flick gestures do not have any sound effects.

- There is no flick left and hold gesture to delete faster.

- The first ever word you type may take a couple of seconds to be announced.

- When beginning to edit a textfield with existing text, only the current sentence will be editable within FlickType. You may hear "beginning of document" or "end of document" as you navigate using the cursor. This does not necessarily indicate there is no more text in the textfield, you just can't navigate to it right from within FlickType.

- There is no keyboard displayed on the screen.

- Works in landscape mode.

There's probably a lot more things that are missing or different. By becoming more integrated into your flow, there's also a lot of things that we are looking to learn from this release. Please experiment as much as possible, tell us what works well, but also tell us what the biggest pain points are. Finally, this is completely uncharted territory, so besides positive and negative feedback we are also hoping to hear your more general ideas about what the ideal FlickType custom keyboard could be, so that we can make it happen.

We are both really looking forward to hearing what you all think, smile!


Kosta & Ashley

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