Re: Introducing the FlickType custom keyboard

Dan Lococo

If I can get my head around this keyboard, I think I'll like it. The
problem is that there seems to be a big learning curve associated with
using this as a third party keyboard. I know I can do that bud I don't know
that it's worth the effort. I'm probably wrong about that. The trade-off is
having to climb the learning curve with a number of apps or just get
proficient at the native fliptype keyboard along with the swipe of and
export to my favorite apps. I'm not sure where I'll fall on this one. One
thing is certain: the developers of this keyboard are amazing and have
produced a fantastic tool. Please, please, know your work is greatly
appreciated. Thank you and thank you again.
On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 12:07 AM FlickType <> wrote:

We are super excited to share with you the first ever version of the
FlickType custom keyboard, which can be used inside every app. We really
can't wait to hear what you all think! Smile.

Please note: this is a very early version. We expect to go through many
iterations and significant changes before even releasing this to the wider
beta group. Things to keep in mind:

- As soon as you update to this build, you must first launch the FlickType
app once before attempting to use it as a custom keyboard.
- To install as a custom keyboard, go to the iOS Settings, FlickType,
Keyboard and turn it on.
- To use, go to any textfield such as a note or mail field and double tap
to edit. Switch to FlickType from the "Next keyboard" icon towards the
bottom left of the iOS keyboard.
- To dismiss FlickType, flick down with two fingers. This gesture may
- To control the cursor, flick left or right with two fingers. Currently
the cursor moves one word or punctuation at a time. You can also edit the
selected suggestion of previously typed words or punctuation marks.
- There is currently no way to explore the keyboard and type characters
accurately. Instead, the usual tap and hold will switch you back to the iOS
keyboard where you can perform that task and come back. This also means
there is no custom dictionary management at the moment, and your existing
words will not work yet.
- There are no settings to configure, neither is any functionality of the
main app settings present, such as spelling or raise to read back.
- Fast typing with multiple fingers may result in missed taps.
- Tap sound effects are a bit delayed as they play on touch up rather than
touch down.
- Flick gestures do not have any sound effects.
- There is no flick left and hold gesture to delete faster.
- The first ever word you type may take a couple of seconds to be
- When beginning to edit a textfield with existing text, only the current
sentence will be editable within FlickType. You may hear "beginning of
document" or "end of document" as you navigate using the cursor. This does
not necessarily indicate there is no more text in the textfield, you just
can't navigate to it right from within FlickType.
- There is no keyboard displayed on the screen.
- Works in landscape mode.

There's probably a lot more things that are missing or different. By
becoming more integrated into your flow, there's also a lot of things that
we are looking to learn from this release. Please experiment as much as
possible, tell us what works well, but also tell us what the biggest pain
points are. Finally, this is completely uncharted territory, so besides
positive and negative feedback we are also hoping to hear your more general
ideas about what the ideal FlickType custom keyboard could be, so that we
can make it happen.

We are both really looking forward to hearing what you all think, smile!

Kosta & Ashley

Dan Lococo

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