Build 50

Chuck Dean

Build 50
I am rethinking my opposition to a half screen keyboard. I can now see where it may be useful.
In the Fleksy app a minimal keyboard is available which is a half screen keyboard. I used it for a long time, and it worked well, its main flaw was an inability to switch keyboards easily and consistently. It had a two step process that was hit or miss. Otherwise, the keyboard worked well... Until about a year ago when for some reason the word predictions were failing. Every word I typed was wrong and it took two or more swipes to find the correct word.

Perhaps, in the future, FlickType could have a toggle for a full or half screen keyboard?

Another major flaw with the minimal Fleksy keyboard was the new line button was also a long press to bring up an emoji keyboard, so about 80% of the time I was in the wrong keyboard. :)


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