Re: Introducing the FlickType custom keyboard


Good morning Kosta and Ashley. Great job on getting the prototype of the system wide keyboard out so quickly after the release of the app itself. As you say, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles yet but I like it already and I can see the potential for it is huge.

The typing is crisp and smooth as I've come to expect. I noticed in the notes you said the dictionary isn't available yet, with the key word being yet. My only concern here the press and hold function will take us back to the standard keyboard, but when it comes to entering a word manually in future it's going to be very difficult for that reason. Plus, I presume /hope the symbols, punctuation, row above the keyboard is going to be added? Using the press and hold gesture would again make using this more difficult.

I love the two fingers flick left or right for going through what I've typed. This is incredible useful. Not a bug, but I need to learn that when flicking left back through a sentence and if I wanted to add a word, the focus is still after the word that has just been announced even though I'm going backwards effectively.

The flick down gesture to dismiss the keyboard, if I was writing an email and I wanted to add a new line then this wouldn't be possible at the moment? I'm presuming this is why you said this gesture might be changed in future.

And finally, once I've dismissed the keyboard using two fingers swipe down, I can't flick right between the previous text messages, the text field, and the send button. I hope this can be addressed? Feeling about the screen to find the send button when it's normally a flick left away is slightly frustrating.
I hope this is useful information, but as I said at the start its great for such an early version!

Many thanks,


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