Re: a few notes about the latest FlickType engine

Rocco Fiorentino

Hi Kosta,

Apologies for the late reply, things have been crazy for me lately.

I am using VoiceOver with Flicktype, and I’ve seen the accuracy issue with VoiceOver on. I have no vision at all, so I can’t really test without Voiceover unfortunately haha :) An example of this though is if I type the word "cookie" the first three suggestions I get are "follow" "Sophie" and "Rookie", all of which are fairly far from the finger position of "c" "o" "o" "k" etc It’s almost like Flicktype can’t figure out where on the screen in relationship to itself that I’m typing..

I pretty much only use half screen mode now :) it’s awesome. But I can try and confirm in the next few days if it’s happening in full screen or not.

Another thing that I’ve noticed with punctuation, which may also only be a half-screen issue, is that in certain places and cases, it almost seems random, though I’ve seen it most in the GroupMe app, function, and anything I type after it will duplicate itself with every swipe. So if I type "hi" then swipe right for an emoji, it will write "hi." just fine. But when I swipe up to change to, let’s say a :), it will write "hi.." and with each subsequent swipe, will double the last function. So if it starts writing "hi.." then it will be "…." and then "…….." etc. This will also happen with characters, so if I write "hi" then swipe right and go through suggestions, with each suggestion it adds imaginary letters to what I typed making longer and longer word suggestions lol.
This whole thing is very rare though, so hard to replicate it.

And that weird thing that happens after a new line is inserted is still happening too. Just FYI.

I know some of this likely isn’t that helpful because it’s so vague; I’m sorry I don’t have more details to share, but I’ll try and document more when things happen. I write quite a bit of code myself, and I hate when I can’t replicate a bug that’s reported to me because of lack of information.

Thanks so much,


On Feb 17, 2019, at 12:37 AM, FlickType <> wrote:

Hi Rocco,

On the engine accuracy, are you using FlickType with VoiceOver enabled? I noticed an odd accuracy issue when VoiceOver is turned off, which I will fix in the next update.

On the shortcuts, I inadvertently reduced the priority they get withing the standard suggestions list. I will increase it to be more like it used to.

On the punctuarion, I believe this is an issue with the half screen mode and not the full screen keyboard, can you please confirm if you experience any difference in behavior when changing the keyboard size?

Thank you for the kind words and feedback!

- Kosta

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