a few notes about the latest FlickType engine

Rocco Fiorentino

Hi all,

Just wanted to quickly write down a few new behaviors I’m noticing, and see if I’m the only one noticing them or if they’re being caused by the latest few builds of FlickType:

1. The release notes said that the internal engine was rewritten to improve accuracy, but maybe it’s just me, but I’m finding that words are more inaccurate now then I’ve ever seen. I would say for me, Flicktype’s accuracy rate was about 90 to 95% accurate on the first or second try of a word. Now, that’s probably about 60% or less, and I find myself typing the same word multiple times, often in different positions, to get the right one to show up.
2. I’ve noticed that when typing out shortcuts, for example "BTW" to create "by the way", the shortcut is a long way down the list of suggestions, where it used to be the first or second one in the list. Is there a reason you can think of why this could have happened, or ways to reorder the suggestion list, etc? Just curious :)

3. This is not introduced in the latest build, but has been a consistent bug for a while, and I’m not sure when it started. But I’ve noticed that punctuation is no longer spaced correctly. Emoji’s should have a space before and after them, and parentheses and quotation marks shouldn’t have spaces between the phrases they’re enclosing, but both are currently not the case. I’m sure you’re aware of this one, but just wanted to list it here.

This app is still the best typing experience I’ve ever had on a touch screen, and I sincerely appreciate your hard work and dedication to it.



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