Build 223


Dear FlickType friends,

This is a major internal update, which includes a complete re-write of the word correction engine which occurred over the last several weeks. The two primary goals of this effort are:

1. To dramatically bring down our memory usage, to avoid the keyboard getting killed by the strict memory limits on the iPhone and Apple Watch. This happened too frequently with earlier versions, and because the keyboard is quickly restarted by the operating system, you might not realize it has crashed but it will instead exhibit other, unpredictable behavior.

2. To improve accuracy over time. Even though in this version we are only aiming for parity with earlier versions, the new code allows us to more easily make progress towards this goal in the near future. Some people might feel that accuracy is already good enough for them, but this does not hold for everyone's way of typing. With the new structure, we should also be able to eventually correct for missing taps on longer words, as well as common word misspellings.

This build is expected to have plenty of issues given the number of changes that have gone in without extensive user testing. If you find it unusable for any reason, please revert to either an earlier beta build or the current App Store version.

As always, thank you for testing,

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