Some questions

David Nason

Hi Ashley, Kosta and All,

Just a few little questions for you.

1. Would it be possible to add a button to delete the entire dictionary? I have a lot of unwanted stuff in there now, including words that I want capitalised but are not, but I have over 1,200 words in the dictionary, so going through it all is not really an option.
2. Are you familiar with the typing bug in some text fields when on the web, where the keyboard becomes unusable? For an example of this, try to type a comment on AppleVis, but I have seen it elsewhere too. Any progress towards a fix?
3. Any progress on on the manual typing of the first word of a line in Mail?
4. I'm seeing some odd behaviour in the Type tab of the app. VoiceOver focus keeps jumping to a dismiss button as I try to type. It's the first time I've been in that tab in months though, so don't know if it's a regular thing.
5. When I return to the flicktype app from the app switcher, I'm finding it very sluggish, sometimes having to toggle VoiceOver off and on.

Thanks ☺️

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