Re: Build 208


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. And yes, what you're proposing with removing the bar above the keyboard when the visual announcements are turned off makes sense and something we'd be happy to do. For the mail app, Kosta has attempted a fix for this but had lots of trouble due to some super funky behavior on Apple's side. You bring up a great point that this is more common than we thought since FlickType doesn't do so great with commonly used smaller words like hi or hey. Kosta is going to take another pass at it and will keep us all posted on how it goes.

For the dictionary capitalization, is it when you manually type a word at the beginning of the sentence? Is this a common occurrence? We put lots of thought into how to deal with capitalization at the beginning of the sentence and felt storing the word with a lowercase letter would be correct more often than keeping the capital letter as we do if it is typed in the middle of a sentence.


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