a few bugs

Rocco Fiorentino

Hi Ashley and Kasta,

I’ve noticed a few interesting bugs crop up lately, and had a few ideas I wanted to share with both you and the rest of the community and see what the consensus was. :) You guys are doing incredible work, and I’m very excited to see where this app can go from here!

1. When entering a new line, either manually via touch typing or via the flick and hold shortcut, you can’t delete the return after it’s inserted. Flicktype instead deletes the previous word. For example, if I were to write "hi
and then try to delete just the return so I could continue typing on the same line, Flicktype deletes both the new line and the word hi.

2. Similarly, it seems as though new lines do something strange to Flicktype’s processing, because I can’t think of an exact example off the top of my head, but multiple times when manually entering a new word at the beginning of a line, Flicktype doesn’t connect the letters or adds spacing, etc. But if there is no new line before the word this doesn’t happen.

3. This may very well be human error, but I find that at times when I’m typing a word, Flicktype instead thinks I’m swiping left, and will say "clear taps" in the middle of the word. Not necessarily a bug, just wondering why this might be happening?

4. For some reason, multiple instances of a word become added to my dictionary, with capital differences. For example, if I manually type the name Nicole, I’ll have 2 entries in the dictionary. One is "nicole" and another is "Nicole" even though I’ve only manually entered "Nicole." Another example of this is acronyms. I’ll manually type "AES" and I’ll get "aes" and "AES"

1. Speaking of the dictionary, is Flicktype able to tell what kind of text field it’s typing in, such as whether I’m using the keyboard to type a text or email, or whether I’m in Safari’s address bar? If not, I’m not sure of a way around this, but if so, it would be nice if it would automatically, or have the option of, excluding things like URLs or web searches that need to manually typed from being entered into the dictionary.

2. Would it be possible to have the option of displaying numbers like a traditional keypad like earlier versions of FlickType, instead of the classic iOS way of the numbers keyboard? Just asking out of curiosity. :)

I haven’t had a chance to play with the watch app yet because I’m awaiting a new watch; my series 0 is way too old to do that kind of testing lol. But I can’t wait to see what that kind of flexibility brings to the platform. Thank you both for your tireless dedication, it’s much appreciated.



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