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Ed Worrell <ed.worrell@...>

I too am seeing some weird behavior in the minimal keyboard layout.

I am seeing FlickType deleting text from a field, and when trying too save the text it reinserts the text that was deleted or it doesn’t add the corrected text to the proper field. This happens most frequently in the Phone application whilst editing names or phone numbers.

I am seeing some really weird things happen on websites such as signing into Twitter. If I use FlickType to enter the user name/email FlickType will insert a space between every letter if I manually type an email or user name. This is just on the sign in form at the front end of the website. Once in the app or website FlickType behaves and works properly.

I also am seeing the issue where FlickType is no longer announcing the single quote. It also is no longer announcing it when a word has a plural option or a contracted word. Such as Won’t. VoiceOver reads it as wont, the word it’s read as it’s. The single quote is ignored and this makes it very annoying and time consuming to use the minimal keyboard as you have to check if it is using the proper punctuation almost every time.


Ed Worrell   

On Oct 22, 2018, at 12:24 PM, FlickType <hello@...> wrote:

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the feedback. Kosta has added this request to his manual typing list of fixes, it's totally doable and a great idea to add haptic in this situation.


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