Build 201

David Nason

Hi Kosta and Ashley,

Firstly, may I apologise for being AWOL for the past several weeks, it's been a busy time and I fell a bit behind, though I have been using the keyboard constantly.
I'm all caught up now anyway☺️

I use the keyboard exclusively in minimal size mode, and wanted to report some bugs I've been experiencing.
Some of these date back a while and have been reported before.

- Doesn't consistently read apostrophe in word suggestions.

- Inserts space between first and second letter if you manually type the first word of a new line in Mail.

- The fixes to spacing between emoji characters was not brought across to the minimal size keyboard.

- Deleting text with a left swipe often does not tell you the word being deleted, instead saying something like "bottom of document" or “beginning of document”.

- Still inserting a space if you type a word, swipe right to confirm it, then type a quotation mark.

- Very eratic typing behaviour when typing in some text fields on the web, including on applevis for example.

- FlickType keyboard will sometimes pop up in secure text fields and cannot be dismissed / changed. For example I've seen this when needing to type a pin code into my banking app, and the Apple Store app. I had to temporarily delete FlickType to get around it.

- Wrong character sometimes announced when manual typing.

I have not yet tried the Watch app, but will do so over the coming days.

Many thanks,

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