Build 199


In this release:
- New watch app! You can now send messages straight from your Apple Watch. Once you've typed your message, firmly press the screen to bring up the menu, then select "Send". More instructions below.
- Performance improvements to make FlickType even more snappy.
- Reduced memory usage.
- Dictionary improvements.
- Visual announcement tweaks.
- Various bug fixes.

Watch app instructions:

- Don't worry about being super accurate with your taps or flicks!
- Type a word, and then flick RIGHT. This will guess the word and insert a space.
- For alternative word suggestions, flick DOWN.
- To insert punctuation, flick RIGHT again after a word.
- For alternative punctuation suggestions including emoji, flick UP or DOWN.
- To delete, flick LEFT.

- To review your entire message or move the cursor, rotate the Digital Crown. Tap anywhere to resume typing.
- To send your message, firmly press the screen to bring up the menu. This includes: "Send", "Clear", "Predictions" and "Sound".

Please note that there are a few things still missing from the watch app, such as number or symbol entry, as well as manual typing.

- Kosta and Ashley

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