Re: Version 3.1 with the yearly subscription is live


Hi Kosta,

I've noticed a small but strange bit of behaviour with flicktype whilst typing emails. If I need to manually type any word at the start of a line, the first letter is capitalised as expected and there is no problem typing the rest of the word. After swiping right however, the initial character is on its own with a space inserted between it and the rest of the word. Hope that makes sense. I'm running build 177, iOS 12 on an iPhone SE.

I'm keen to try the watch experience, but I have a series 1 watch which can't run watch os 5 and feels slightly slow now compared to how the new versions run from what I'm told. So maybe I won't be the best placed to test but I'll give it a go👍


On 25 Sep 2018, at 02:15, FlickType <> wrote:

Update on the lack of purchasing options for version 3.1:

It appears that the Apple system has finally been updated, and the two options for the monthly and yearly subscription are now appearing in the "Upgrade" screen of the app, at least for some people. We are currently trying to understand if it now works for everyone.

So regardless of whether you are planning to modify your subscription or not, it would be very helpful for us to confirm that if you download this version from the App Store and then go to the Upgrade screen, you get those two options. If you do not get any of the subscription options, please restart the FlickType app and try again. If that fails, please restart your device and try again. Please let us know your experience, whatever that was.

MariaRosa, thank you for wanting to support us, we really appreciate it. Simply follow the above steps to download the app from the App Store and choose your subscription option. You should still receive beta updates through TestFlight. Let us know if you're having any problems.

Thank you,

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