Re: Version 3.1 with the yearly subscription is live


Thank you George.

Please note that if you delete a FlickType build you will probably lose your custom settings and dictionary, so we don't recommend people do that unless they are aware and ok with this.

Regarding the reason you could not download build 172 from the App Store: it appears that iOS 12 assumes that if a version number is the same, there's no need to have an "Update" button to re-download from the App Store or from TestFlight, even though there can be some differences in behavior as you have observed.

Hopefully Apple approves our fix for this soon - we expect it to be a couple of days or so. And really the fix is not an actual application update, but rather a configuration change on the App Store backend so you won't need to download a different build - it should just suddenly work.

We will keep you posted.

- Kosta

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