Re: Build 172


Hi Kosta.

I've timed the load time at 25 seconds. This is regardless of how long I leave it, close and reopen, reset my phone etc. Everything works as expected once loaded though so it's not a major issue.

Good spot re dictation Chuck. I hadn't thought of trying that. Careful though, in my brief testing of using dictation and flicktype together, I've had the dreaded disappearing text issue. Not every time, but I haven't played with it enough yet to see if there is a pattern.



On 22 Sep 2018, at 21:50, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you Macky.

I was aware that some of the internal changes would cause the container app to be a bit slower to load, but I didn't notice a meaningful difference on an iPhone 6S, so it's useful to know about your experience. Approximately how long is the load time for you on the iPhone SE, and does this only happen when you haven't used the app for a while, or is it literally every time you go back to it even if you only left it for a minute?

- Kosta

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