Re: Build 172


Hi Kosta,

I'm delighted to say I've been using the minimal keyboard with iOS 12 on my SE and it works incredibly smoothly. Sometimes I manage to get the drawing screen up by mistake when double tapping with two fingers for capitals etc, but I think that's just me having one finger slightly above the keyboard.

Quick question re build 172 - if I go into the container app and change it to a yearly subscription, will that actually change it to a yearly subscription or is it a test at this stage and yearly subscriptions won't go live until the option is in the app store version? I suspect the latter but just thought I'd check. I'll go for the yearly one when appropriate, or the life one if there was oneπŸ˜€πŸ‘



On 21 Sep 2018, at 16:41, FlickType <> wrote:

Seems like the build is waiting to be approved for beta testing by Apple first. Should be available soon, I will send another email when it's out.
- Kosta

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