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Chanelle Allen

On a related topic, is there a way to write hyphenated words without typing the first part of a word followed by a dash? If I use FlickType normally to write the first part of the word and flick right to accept the suggestion, I will manually input a dash followed by the second part of the word. When I go to review the text, however, I find that there is a space between the dash and the second part of the word. If I manually enter the letters for the first part of a word followed by a dash and then use FlickType normally to write the second part, the word appears correctly without a space. The same scenario is truefor words with a slash such as and/or. I also experienced the same problem when trying to type apostrophe s before it was included in the punctuation options. I almost wish that entering a space required two right flicks while adding punctuation could still be accomplished with one flick or using the keyboard. We have gotten so accustomed to the one flick gesture for space that making a change now would probably be too confusing and /or troublesome.

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Many thanks from one Alan to another. I thought I had come across something like that at some point in the past but couldn't remember where it was for the life of me.


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Hi Alan,

I'm happy to say there is already a shortcut to add an apostrophe S. At the end of the word you want the apostrophe S to accompany, swipe right to add the full stop and then just swipe down a few times and the apostrophe S is in there. Sorted.


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