Re: Build 168

Salman Haider


Not sure if you caught my last message on this thread from yesterday.
The WhatsApp crashes have returned with the latest build, when in full
screen mode.
Without the almost full screen option available to me, I am unable to
use Flicktype in WhatsApp at this point, considering the only other
options available are the half screen or the minimal, both of which I
don't prefer to use.
I reinstalled the latest build right now, just to check again, and the
app crashes immediately. It is happening in different threads.
The times for the crashes I experienced yesterday were 4:16pm and
4:17pm, Eastern Time. After this I installed a previous build, that
was, Build 165, which had the almost full screen option available. All
was normal after that of course.

A little while ago, I installed Build 168 again, just to test and the
crashes are there. Times for those were 11:28am and 11:29am, Eastern
Time. This is happening every single time, so anytime I double tap the
text field in the thread to type a message, the app crashes.
I am going to install Build 165 again now.

Just wanted to give another update.


On 9/4/18, Salman Haider <> wrote:
Their you go, spoke too soon. The crashes are back Kosta. Just happened.
4:16pm and 4:17pm Eastern Time.
Different thread from the last time, so far anyway. And this one doesn’t
even have that many text messages in it. It’s actually a much shorter
, I think I will probably install the previous build, one that has the
almost full screen option available to me.

On Sep 4, 2018, at 3:35 PM, Salman Haider <>

Not so far, but that said, I haven't used it in Full Screen a whole
lot, only began using it a few hours ago (once I installed the latest
build). Have used it sporadically uptil now as I've been busy with my
regular job.
Last time too the crashing of the app began happening after a few
times of using it.

But I agree with the idea of having the option outside of the main
size setting, so that it is available only for situations where it's


On 9/4/18, FlickType <> wrote:
Thank you Salman and David. David, what you propose is what I was
but I'm still trying to figure out what would be best.

Another idea is to make the full screen mode be almost full screen, for
users. It's not ideal, but crashing apps aren't either.

Salman, are you still experiencing crashes with WhatsApp and full screen
mode? Anyone else tried that recently, specially on iOS 12?


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