Re: Build 168

Salman Haider


Personally, I do not use my phone in landscape mode. Ever. It is not
something I prefer, for anything, let alone for typing. I am quite
sure I'm not the only one.

I understand that you may add a gesture to switch keyboards on the
fly, but that doesn't solve the problem of having other apps crash in
"Full Screen" mode.
The "Almost Full Screen" was simply there to prevent those crashes, is
my understanding.
So for someone like me who prefers and likes the Full Screen mode
better, and doesn't prefer the Minimal/Half Screen, I am not sure what
the solution would be if apps crash and I am unable to use Flicktype
in them, other than forcing myself to use the Half Screen or Minimal

So I would vote for the "Almost Full Screen" option to be made
available, even if it is outside of the main size setting, like you
At least until we're a 100% sure that apps are no longer crashing in
full screen mode.


On 9/4/18, FlickType <@FlickType> wrote:
Hi Salman. We will soon add a gesture to switch keyboard sizes on the fly.
In the meantime, you can use the half screen mode and temporarily enter full
screen mode where needed by switching to landscape, if that works for you. I
would also love to know from everyone using WhatsApp, if it is still
crashing like before, and if you have tried this on iOS 12. Hopefully the
lack of “Almost Full Screen” is not a big issue. If it remains an issue, I
might add a workaround toggle outside of the main size setting, to keep the
settings simpler and less confusing.

- Kosta

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