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Hi Alpha List,

I don't think this is due to anything I'm doing differently, but I'm noticing that when I swipe down with two fingers to insert a blank line with this build, that the flicking sound and action isn't nearly as crisp as previously. In fact, it seems that I hear a double tap sound as if I put my two fingers on the screen at different times. I'm sure I'm not doing the 2-finger flick motion any differently than previously but the results just seem different with this build.

Alan Lemly

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Subject: [alpha] Build 34 is out to alpha

Build 34 has been sent out to the alpha group. There is no intrinsic difference between alpha and beta builds, and as such, the only difference will be whether a build was sent to the alpha or the wider beta group. Also, please make sure to read the changelog on TestFlight for each new build that you receive. Ideally, we won't be repeating it here, but we will be including it when posting a release message to the beta group.

Whenever we send out a build to the alpha group you will see a new topic here such as this one, which is aimed towards gathering all feedback for that build in one place. You may post new topics for things that are not specific to a particular build, but we ask that all build-specific feedback stays under that build's topic so that we can better manage it.

Whenever an alpha build is deemed ready for release to the beta group, we will post a message here as a note. It will again fall under that build's topic.

If for whatever reason you are not seeing the expected build on TestFlight, please reply to the topic and we will make sure you are part of the alpha group on TestFlight.

Hope this clarifies things a bit, and please bear with us while we figure this process out together. Happy to hear any ideas you may have on this as well.

And as always, thank you for testing!


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