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Salman Haider

Not only is a period Being reported after manually typing a word and swiping right, it is actually being inserted. What I’ve also noticed is that the last word that I manually typed, actually joins up with the word that I typed prior to it. So it all becomes a bit of a mess. I’ll give you two examples. I was trying to type the words “other randomness” earlier. The word randomness is not in the dictionary so I manually typed it out. When I swiped right, VoiceOver announced period. On checking, a period was indeed inserted, and in addition to that, the text came out as “otherrandomness.”
Then, in the second instance, I was trying to type the words “a bit iffy”. Iffy is not in the dictionary so when I manually typed it out and swiped right, VoiceOver announced period. Upon checking, the text hat come out as “a bitiffy.”
Hope this makes sense and helps you identify what's gone wrong in the recent update. This issue was certainly not there before.

On Aug 31, 2018, at 8:53 PM, Salman Haider <> wrote:

Kosta and Dave,

I would like to confirm that I am experiencing this bug as well. After
manually typing a word, when I swipe right, Voiceover announces
"period", rather than the word that was typed.
I would like to add that I have encountered this not just in the Mail
app like Dave, but also in another app. Namely, Facebook Messenger.
So far...I'll let you know if I encounter it in more apps. It is
consistent across all keyboard heights. I personally use the almost
full screen mode.

I also want to give feedback on the newly introduced one finger tap
and hold gesture (above the top row of keys) to read back typed text.
While I like the idea of a one handed gesture, I am finding this one
to be highly inconvenient and intrusive. Often, this gesture becomes a
problem when attempting to manually type a word, especially one that
involves typing letters that are in the top row. Secondly, I am
noticing that this is also interfering with the one finger swipe up
and hold gesture to switch to the iOS keyboard. One has to be very
precise when performing that gesture, and that too, in the bottom half
of the screen rather than anywhere on the screen, as was the case
I have had my text read out to me multiple times already when
attempting to switch to the iOS keyboard, or have had a letter
manually typed when attempting to perform the gesture.
Being a full screen mode user, I do have a need to switch to the iOS
keyboard and so definitely do not like this new gesture interfering
with the one finger swipe up and hold.

Needless to say, I'm not a fan and prefer the two finger or three
finger tap and hold gestures for text read back, as those gestures
don't interfere with any of the other one handed and existing


On 8/31/18, David Nason <> wrote:
Ah ok, that makes more sense, thanks.
The manual typing bug only seems to be inMail. its not happening in
Messages,Notes, or WhatsApp. It happens with all four keyboard height

On 1 Sep 2018, at 00:13, FlickType <> wrote:

Ed, thank you for the kind words ☺️

Still trying to reproduce the manual word period issue.

- Kosta

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