Re: Build 159


Build 161 is out, keeping this in the same thread.

What’s new:
- Fixed incorrect "space" announcement when inserting a period in half screen mode.
- Full screen mode: Added a new one-finger long press gesture above the keyboard area to read back what you've typed. You can also start your long press on the keyboard and then move your finger above the top QWERTY row. This gesture is in addition to the two and three finger long press gestures that can be performed anywhere. Please let us know what you think, so that we consolidate and only keep the best gesture for this action.
- Don't spell word when announcing cursor position.
- Renamed "Standard" keyboard height option to "Minimal".

Thank you for reporting a potential difference with smaller sized devices, we will investigate this. In the meantime, please try both half screen as well as minimal modes and let us know if one is better than the other for you. And thank you all for the continued feedback and discussion, please keep it coming! ☺️


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