Re: Build 159

David Nason

ok here goes. Typing feedback is set to characters only in the VoiceOver settings, but I'm still getting the high pitch top word suggestion.
However, for this sentence, I have turned characters off as well, so set to Nothing, and the high pitch has gone away. Interestingly, it is also saying the full stop after the second swipe right, rather than space. so that's two bugs "fixed" for the price of one.

Of course though, I do still sometimes need to use the iOS keyboard, so would rather have typing feedback on if possible.

When I went to start this email by the way, the whole thing went haywire when I switched into FlickType, basically unresponsive. After a minute, and turning VoiceOver on and off a few times, it was back to normal. Hopefully just a little glitch.

It's still not reading apostrophe with the word suggestion. I can of course wait for the spelling feedback, but that slows things down.

When you delete the first word of a sentence, it says " beginning of document ", instead of "delete word ".


On 31 Aug 2018, at 21:32, Ed Worrell via Groups.Io <> wrote:


I was performing the gesture properly. It just started working after your tip. Power of suggestion I guess.


On Aug 31, 2018, at 2:29 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you Dave. Please try temporarily turning off iOS typing feedback for words and see if that helps with some of the issues you describe. Would love to know if it did help. I'll have to look into our old friend WhatsApp. On the quotation marks, you are correct, the issue is back in the non-full screen modes but should be fixed soon.

Ed, for the magic tap gesture, besides making sure the focus is on the keyboard, you also need to make sure you perform the gesture within the keyboard area for FlickType to capture it.

Benny, can you confirm you are using build 160? Please also try temporarily turning off iOS typing feedback for words and see if that helps. Anyone else experiencing the issues with the Mail app that Benny is describing?

- Kosta

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