Re: Build 159


Thank you for the feedback. One of the goals as we are developing the half screen mode is to make sure the full screen mode remains unaffected. We don't want to accidentally break any existing functionality, and the full screen mode is always going to be a first class citizen of FlickType. So please keep testing the full screen mode as well, and definitely let us know if we mess it up ☺️

- The issue of announcing a space when inserting a period will be fixed soon.
- Benny: are you still having the same troubles with build 160? A lot of stability issues have been addressed in just the last couple of days.
- Salman: the possibility of touching a point outside the keyboard area is definitely a drawback of the smaller size modes, and for some people this might be a deal breaker. Hence we will provide everyone a choice of keyboard height that is most comfortable to use. That said, when you get back into the keyboard area you should now be able to delete the last typed word as usual, even if it's already entered into the field. Theoretically all this should now be seamless. Of course we are still working on a few glitches.
- Chuck: changing back to letters after typing only one number has always been the case, if I'm not mistaken. We plan to improve that, but I wanted to make sure this is not a new issue in recent builds.

Thank you, please keep the feedback and ideas coming ☺️

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