Re: Build 159

Chuck Dean

This is the reason kosta is developing a toggle for the full and half screen keyboard. For example: once you enter the recipients and subject into an email's field you can activate the message body, toggle to the full screen keyboard, and type the body without worrying about going outside the keyboard area.

don't give up yet, good things may be coming.😎

On Aug 30, 2018, at 5:53 PM, Salman Haider <> wrote:

In addition to all the different glitches and bugs that everyone is
experiencing with the half-screen/standard size keyboard and reporting
here, I personally just find the full screen keyboard (or, the almost
full screen mode in my case since I use that due to experiencing
crashes in Whatsapp when using full screen only) just more convenient
and favorable to me. The issue that I encounter is, frequently
touching a point outside of the keyboard area, when attempting to
type, which throws me off. When I get back into the keyboard area, I
obviously can't delete the last word that I typed for instance, as
that text has already been entered into the field by that point. This
is something that I have always been afraid of (for me personally
anyway), considering how Flicktype works and the text is committed as
soon as one touches any area outside of the keyboard area. so I have
generally favored the full screen option more.
Add all the different bugs that are there at this time, and getting
things to work consistently becomes, like Benny said, a nightmare.
I definitely prefer the full-screen option for myself personally and
will be continuing to use that for now, and maybe even permanently.
Not at all against having the half screen option being developed and
available, but the full-screen option just works better for my typing


On 8/30/18, FlickType <> wrote:
Thanks Chuck. From what I can tell, the cursor is actually moved by line as
expected, but FlickType only announces a single word. This is similar to
another issue covered earlier, and should be fixed soon.

As you all play more with it, I'd love to get a better sense of two things:
One, how close is the half screen mode to becoming more useful than the full
screen one, to the extent that you would use half screen more often than
full screen? Two, out of all issues so far, what is the biggest priority to
fix with the half screen as it stands today?


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