Re: Build 159


Build 160 is out, keeping this in the same thread.

What’s new:
- Disabled initial cursor position announcements. This should fix a few incorrect announcement issues when moving the cursor.
- Added "Standard" keyboard height option, which is slightly larger than the system keyboard. There is a known issue with this option not working correctly within the container app on iPhone X.

Thank you for the continued feedback. A gesture to change keyboard height on the fly is coming soon. Glad you like the visual announcements, Chuck. I was pretty excited when I was initially implementing it ☺️


On Aug 30, 2018, at 13:46, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

I would like to see a toggle between the full and ½ screen keyboard, so when I am typing longer text I would be able to see the visual announcement. The two finger swipe up and down would work great for me.

Its funny, when you brought out the visual announcement feature, I couldn't imagine myself ever using them... now I depend on them.

On Aug 30, 2018, at 1:22 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

Thanks Chuck. From what I can tell, the cursor is actually moved by line as expected, but FlickType only announces a single word. This is similar to another issue covered earlier, and should be fixed soon.

As you all play more with it, I'd love to get a better sense of two things: One, how close is the half screen mode to becoming more useful than the full screen one, to the extent that you would use half screen more often than full screen? Two, out of all issues so far, what is the biggest priority to fix with the half screen as it stands today?


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