Re: Build 159


Thank you all for the helpful feedback, please keep it coming. When posting an issue, please include additional information such as full screen or half screen, iOS 11 or 12, and any iOS typing feedback settings when applicable. Below are my responses to all your points:

- The first word of the sentence being repeated once you start typing the next word. Chuck, is this with the half screen mode? And what are your iOS typing feedback settings and iOS version? Anyone else experiencing that?

- Cannot interact properly with the top half of the screen, for example move the cursor using the rotor. David, what exactly happens when you try that? Note that with half screen mode, any iOS system gesture such as the rotor needs to be performed entirely outside of the FlickType area, in other words it has to be done inside the application area. If one finger is in the application area and another finger is inside FlickType, the rotor gesture will not register.

- Hearing "space" when inserting a period is a known issue and should be fixed soon.

- The voice being too high pitched when reading the typed word: David, what are your iOS typing feedback settings and iOS version? Anyone else experiencing that?

- The new multi-finger setting only affects the two finger single tap to toggle shift. When disabled, that gesture will not trigger a shift change. I will rename the setting to something better. This is more of a bandaid fix for now.

- When double tapping in the text field to move the cursor to the beginning or end of the text, VoiceOver will say the first or last word instead of "beginning of document" or "end of document". This should be fixed soon.

- I can not flick line by line, only word by word. Do you mean using the 3-finger gesture on FlickType? There is a known issue where the cursor will actually move over entire sentences as expected, but only the punctuation marks will be announced.

- When flicking through the text word by word with the iOS gestures, the last word in a sentence is not always announced. This should be fixed soon.

- While trying to reply to a email, I could not access the send button, I lost the email. Chuck, can you please elaborate on not being able to access the send button? And was the email saved as a draft? With the half screen mode, you should not ever experience text loss since all text changes are instantly reflected in the application's text field.

- I tried turning off multi finger gestures which did turn them off, but I tried typing words with a hard press to capitalize the word with no results. The first letter is announced but not typed. Chuck, I was not able to reproduce this.

- FlickType is no longer spelling back words to me, even though I have the setting turned on. David, is this with the half screen mode? Does restarting your device seem to fix it?


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