Build 159

Chuck Dean

Hi Kosta, I have been using the ½ screen keyboard and have noticed the following glitches.
First, when double tapping in the text field to move the cursor to the beginning or end of the text, VoiceOver will say the first or last word instead of " beginning of document " or end of document ". This is a little confusing and not consistent with iOS.

Second, I can not flick line by line, only word by word.

Third, when I am flicking through the text word by word, the last word in a sentence is not always announced. If I flick past the end of the sentence a few words and then back, the last word will be announced... Sometimes.

Also, while trying to reply to a email, I could not access the sent . This only happened once, so far. Button While trying to get it to send, I lost the email. I am not sure what I did, and I am still looking for that email.

Otherwise, FlickType is typing well and I can interact with the top of the screen fairly well.😎

A little more work and this will be great.

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