Re: Build 156

Benny Barber

Thanks for the touch down tap feedback feature. I'm liking it.

On Aug 24, 2018, at 10:14 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

Please restart your device after updating FlickType, and send all your feedback to Thank you!

What's new:
- Half screen setting won't show when the app is downloaded from the App Store instead of TestFlight, until the feature is more stable. We are still working on it.
- Added "Tap feedback" setting for more responsive taps on touch down. See setting notes for more information.
- Added "Raise to Read Back" setting, off by default. See setting notes for more information.

Known issues with the half screen mode:
- If you move the app cursor inside a word, FlickType will crash. Only move the cursor by whole words to prevents this.
- When deleting the very last word of the document, iOS will announce "Bottom of document", suppressing the FlickType deletion announcement. A workaround is to always have a word or punctuation mark after your cursor while you compose your text. The same sometimes happens when changing a word.
- Other occasional crashes, particularly on iOS 12 betas.

Please let us know your experience with the half screen mode, as well as what iOS typing feedback settings worked best for you.

Kosta and Ashley

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