Re: ½ screen keyboard

Chuck Dean

Hi Kosta,
I went into the VoiceOver speech settings and turned off pitch change, so now when I type with the half screen keyboard all spoken feedback sounds the same.


On Aug 22, 2018, at 9:37 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you all for the valuable feedback.

- Seems like iOS 12 betas are causing issues for some people, and there's even different reports for different betas. We'll do our best to make this work better given the moving target that iOS beta software is.
- Using the iOS gestures in half screen mode is a great idea and something we are seriously considering. There are some issues however with touches that might be consumed by FlickType's Direct Touch view, as opposed to the application above it which would only be receiving the top touch of your rotor gesture for example. This also relates to the size of the keyboard, and the smaller it is the easier it will be to perform the rotor gestures. We are investigating and we might try out a few different options here.
- We are still working on the iOS 11 crashes and hope to have an update over the next few days.

Please keep the feedback and ideas coming, as well as what iOS typing feedback settings you found work best with the half-screen mode so that we can be recommending them to people.

- Kosta

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