Build 154 email and punctuation problems.

Chuck Dean

Build 154 email and punctuation problems.

Hi kosta,
I am having a lot of crashes while replying to emails. The keyboard flashes, then changes to the iOS keyboard, but I can not get back to FlickType without shutting down the email app.
I am also having problems with the cursor jumping around when composing new emails. This happens in both landscape and portrait modes.

Also, the punctuation is inconsistent. Some times I can enter a comma or other punctuation mark, and other times only a period

Btw, I am not getting any weird announcements delay, stuttering, or unwanted announcements. The only thing is the first prediction is a higher pitch than the next choices. A little weird, but I could live with it.

I am using FlickType Classic to type this, as I tried with the half screen keyboard three times but failed.

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