Re: Build 154


Thank you all for the feedback so far.

- There seem to be inconsistent reports, where it's mostly working for Chuck and George, but not for David and Ed. I would recommend restarting your device if you haven't done so, and seeing if that helps.

- The actual height is trivial to change, and can certainly be made to match the default keyboard height in a future update. I suspect that some people will still want it to be larger than that, so we'll probably have a few height options to choose from.

- As mentioned in the changelog, when deleting the very last word of the document iOS will announce "Bottom of document", suppressing the FlickType deletion announcement. A manual workaround is to always have a word or punctuation mark after your cursor while you compose your text. The same thing sometimes happens when changing a word by flicking up or down, although it seemed much more rare in my testing. It's possible that I can actually automate the workaround and always have a trailing space after the cursor to prevent this in the future, which might not be perfect but will still beat hearing "Bottom of document" all the time.

As a reminder, please also experiment with the various iOS typing feedback settings and see if they make a difference for you. Finally, it's still a very experimental build, so there's gonna be a lot of crashes for sure 💥

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