Build 154


We've been working hard to bring you the much desired half-screen mode. In this very experimental build, we have added a new "Keyboard Height" setting with the following options:
- "Full screen", which is the default mode FlickType has always operated in.
- "Almost full screen", which is 80% of the height and intended solely as a WhatsApp workaround (previously called "Reduced height").
- "Half screen", which is exactly half the height of the screen.

The new "Half screen" option will also cause all text edits to be directly committed to the underlying text field in real-time. This also means that some voice announcements and sound effects from iOS itself will interfere with the intended FlickType feedback. You will also have to play around with the iOS typing feedback settings and see what works best for you. We'd love to hear back your findings.

Known issues with the half screen mode:
- If you move the app cursor inside a word, FlickType will crash. Only move the cursor by whole words to prevents this.
- When deleting the very last word of the document, iOS will announce "Bottom of document", suppressing the FlickType deletion announcement. A workaround is to always have a word or punctuation mark after your cursor while you compose your text. The same sometimes happens when changing a word.
- Other occasional crashes.

Please let us know your experience with this, and any information you share about what worked for you and what didn't will be extremely valuable moving forward.

Kosta and Ashley

PS: We'd love some feedback on our new homepage if you have a minute:

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