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Sharon Kim

I absolutely agree with Benny herre.
Another thing that might work, is to have a separate gesture, to make VO spell back the word. That being said, I don't really what was wrong with the previous method. Where spellback would work the way it does now, but you would be able to disable and enable it within the settings.

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To clarify my issue with the spellback feature. I like the spellback feature, but having spellback on when you flick right to space kind of interrupts my typing if I hesitate just a bit. I would like to have 2 options for spellback. the first option would be to have spellback on in all scenarios of spacing, advancing by word and flicking through alternative words. The second option would be to have spellback on in just advancing by word and flicking through alternative words; having spellback off while spacing. Just my opinion. Thanks.

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What's new:
- Reading back your text with a 3-finger press can now also be done with 2-fingers. This should allow Accessibility Zoom users to utilize this feature, which previously conflicted with the zoom gestures.
- Words will now also be spelled after moving the cursor.
- Added voice feedback when VoiceOver is disabled.
- Add setting to toggle "Voice Feedback", enabled by default.
- Fixed dictionary capitalization issue for automatically added words. Thanks David!
- Gesture bugfixes.

- You can now use your existing iOS text replacement shortcuts with FlickType. Configure text replacements from iOS Settings, General, Keyboard, Text Replacement. If you tap-type the shortcut, it will automatically be expanded into its phrase. If you type it accurately by touch-typing each letter, you'll need to flick down to expand it. Replacement shortcuts can only contain letters, but expanded phrases can be anything, including numbers, symbols, spaces, and even emoji. Be creative, smile! Please note: the replacements don't work inside the container app due to iOS limitations.

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