Re: Build 149


Hi Kosta,

Excellent job on the text replacement feature, it works a treat, especially for my email address and my mobile phone number. I can see me adding a few emojis this way too, a nice way to expand the ten already available 👍

I have a small suggestion for another feature. This is nowhere near a priority but could prove to be useful. In the dictionary section of the container app, would it be possible to add the letters of the alphabet as headings to enable quicker access to the words in the dictionary? I've got over a thousand and its only going to grow as time goes on. Also, when reading each word in the dictionary, could it spell them out after a second or two as it does whilst typing? I was going through and checking which proper nouns needed capitalisation etc. There are far bigger things to consider first but if it's possible these would be helpful in future.

Looking forward to seeing what's next for FlickType 😀


On 7 Aug 2018, at 07:47, FlickType <> wrote:

- You can now use your existing iOS text replacement shortcuts with FlickType. If you tap-type the shortcut, it will automatically be expanded into its phrase. If you type it accurately by touch-typing each letter, you'll need to flick down to expand it. You can configure text replacements shortcuts from the Settings app, under General, Keyboard, Text Replacement. To work with FlickType, a replacement shortcut must only consist of letters, whereas its expanded phrase can be anything, including numbers, symbols, spaces and even emoji. Be creative, smile!

Please note: the replacements don't work inside the container app due to iOS limitations.

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