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Michael Maslo

I am having a issue which has been evident for a while.

While typing and when I type a wrong word, while flicking down to select a different word, the keyboard disappears and I have to double tap inn the edit field to get the keyboard back up. This happened happen twice while typing this email. I am a totally blind person and have no idea if screens turn colors.

On Jul 26, 2018, at 04:42, Macster via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Hi Kosta.

This is a bizarre one but I've managed to repeat three times in a row. Whilst using messenger and typing to a friend about a football player, I typed exactly this:

We could get 800k for Waghorn as Derby are looking to buy him for £8m.

I managed to type that three times, but as soon as I looked for the P to type Pedro at the start of the next sentence, the text disappears and its as if I've just double tapped on the field. Neither messenger or FlickType crashes though. I know we've been through the disappearing text thing before, but this just seemed to behave differently and consistently which I don't think I've seen personally.

I hope this is of some use to you anyway. I'm currently running iOS 11.4 on my iPhone SE.


On 23 Jul 2018, at 21:28, FlickType <@FlickType> wrote:

- Keys will now be shown by default. Can be turned off in the settings.
- Visual tweaks to keyboard area when keys are hidden.
- Visual announcements will now take up more than one line if needed, rather than squeeze the announcement text all in one line by making the font extremely small.
- When reading back the typed text, it will now also be shown as a multiline visual announcement.
- "System" announcements such as switching to numbers or invoking shift will now appear yellow and have a slightly higher pitch.
- Added a workaround setting for the WhatsApp crash, off by default. Enable "Reduced Height" in the settings only if you have been experiencing crashes with WhatsApp.
- Removed confusing "Inactive" badge on Upgrade tab item.
- Added hint on how to change the preset emoji setting.

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