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Sharon Kim

Hello all,
Okay so someone posted... somewhere, that theyw ould like the swipe sounds back.
I totally agree. Now, voice over announces when a word or taps are
deleted, but I really do like my swipe sounds. Honestly, I'd take that
over voice over announcing it anyday.
I mean it could be like a toggle thing.
Also, the latest change you have, with voice over announcing certain
things at a higher pitch to me anyways, is a bit... odd. I liked it
much better before.
Just a personal opinion.

On 7/23/18, Santiago <> wrote:
Music playback while typing works fine for me.
On Jul 23, 2018, at 7:43 PM, Michael Maslo <michaelmaslo04@...>

Hello Ashley,

I have been able to listen to music while I type fine. It I do not do it
often but when I do, I have no issues.
On Jul 23, 2018, at 19:51, FlickType <@FlickType> wrote:

Super appreciate all these suggestions! I've compiled a list for Kosta,
so he can get back to us about feasibility and methods for implementing

One thing that I noticed did not come up is music playing while typing.
I'm curious if everyone has been able to get music to play while they
interact with FlickType? It seems to be working for some people and not
for others.

Thank you!

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